How long will my order take?

Unfortunately turn over time on orders differ. Firstly it depends on if we have stock as most items are not always kept in stock and are made on order. Turnover times can be anything from 3 days to 6 weeks. Most leather items take about 2 weeks if we do not have stock, but some of our handmade items can take up to 6 weeks so please be patient 🙂

Will you keep me up to date on my order?

We get hundreds of orders each week so it is unfortunately not possible to keep everyone up to date on when they will receive their orders or how far their orders are. We will send you an email with tracking number as soon as your order is couriered to you then you can track it, or if you chose collection upon checkout, we will arrange a time & place of collection when your order is ready. Please understand that we can not answer all the emails asking us how far orders are and when they will receive their orders as our office is not at the same premises as where the items are made, so we can not keep updated on the status of every item that is being made.

What is the courier costs?

  • Courier: Pretoria = R70.00

  • Courier: R100.00

  • PostNet to PostNet: R100.00

Do you have a shop where we can come and fit the shoes /
look at the leather products?

Unfortunately we are online only at the moment

What shoe size should I take?

Shoe sizes are normal shoe sizes, except when stated
otherwise in the shoe-description on our website.